Integrate Teamplify with the tools that your team already uses. You can connect any number of integrations to your Teamplify workspace. You can also mix cloud and on-premise integrations.


Many of your cloud integrations can also serve as Single Sign-On providers. This means that, in addition to using them as data sources for Teamplify, you can use these services to log in to your Teamplify workspace.

Data being analyzed Single Sign-On
Asana Issues
Bitbucket Commits, Pull requests, Issues Yes
GitHub Commits, Pull requests, Issues Yes
GitLab Commits, Merge requests, Issues Yes
Google Meetings from Google Calendar Yes
Jira Issues
Linear Issues Yes
Mattermost Messages
Microsoft 365 Meetings from Outlook Calendar Yes
Slack Messages, Huddles Yes
Trello Cards Yes
YouTrack Issues
Zoom Meetings Yes


We also support on-premises integrations, which can't be used as authentication providers. Though all other features are fully supported, you won't be able to log in to Teamplify via these services.

Data being analyzed
Bitbucket Data Center Commits
GitLab self-managed Commits, Merge requests, Issues
Jira Server Issues
Mattermost self-hosted Messages
YouTrack Standalone Issues

Note about chats and meetings

We only use meta-data for chat messages and meetings, such as who sent a message and when, or which participants showed up at the meeting and how long they stayed. We do not analyze chat message text, and we don't have access to meeting video, audio, or in-meeting chats.

Adding and removing integrations

To add an integration, go to the Integrations section in your Teamplify Workspace. You'll see your connected integrations and the list of potential new integrations.

In the "Add an integration" block, click the service you want to connect and follow the instructions. Once the service is connected, it'll appear in the "Connected Integrations" list. There you can review its synchronization status.

To remove an integration, click the service's icon, then click the "Disconnect" button.

Connected accounts

Teamplify gathers all the work your team does in one calendar view. To do this, Teamplify needs to know which accounts a team member is linked to. After you've added a team member, please check their profile and make sure their connected accounts have the correct associations. For example:

Connected accounts

Each team member can configure their own connected accounts, and organization admins can do so for any team member within their organization.

Besides linking work activity, Teamplify can also use connected accounts to authenticate users through supported authentication providers. Additionally, connecting their Slack account lets members perform a variety of actions from directly within the Slack workspace, like manage time off.

Commit emails

Besides connected accounts, code hosting integrations also require you to specify the commit emails associated with a workspace member. This is set on the member's profile page. Teamplify will detect whether an email was found in connected organization repositories, and provide a hint in the interface:

Commit emails