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Personal Assistant for your Team

See team progress – all activity in one place. Fix bottlenecks in communication with smart notifications.

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Team progress at a glance

Analyze activity in JIRA, Git, and Slack - all in one place

Smart task notifications

See tasks with overdue updates. Notify about upcoming due dates. Ensure that everyone has a task in progress

Easy Days Off management

Vacations, public holidays, and sick days,
with smart notifications

Progress reports

Combine automatically collected data with manually written reports. Post scheduled reports on Slack or email. Automatically remind people when their report is missing.

Remote team friendly

Built-in public holidays for 180+ countries.
Timezone-aware smart notifications.


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About us

At ivelum, we’ve been working on web development projects since 2003. Teamplify was initially created as an internal tool for our teams. It worked so well for us that we thought other software development teams could use it too. We really appreciate all feedback, and we’d like to learn about your development workflows and challenges. Please feel free to get in touch!

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