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Enable the best practices
in engineering management

Analyze activity in Jira, Slack, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Trello — all in one place.

Smart task notifications

See tasks with overdue updates. Notify about upcoming due dates. Ensure that everyone has a task in progress

Easy Days Off management

Vacations, public holidays, and sick days,
with smart notifications

Progress reports

Combine automatically collected data with manually written reports. Post scheduled reports on Slack or email. Automatically remind people when their report is missing.

In the cloud or on-premise


Nimble and built with security in mind, our cloud version is the best option for teams who prefer to stay light. You're just one click away from getting started.


Hosting on-premise is best for teams who need complete control of their data. Some ops are required but the features are the same. Learn more...

Remote team friendly

Built-in public holidays for 180+ countries.
Timezone-aware smart notifications.


No hidden fees, no complicated plans,
and no credit card required to start a trial.

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>= 5 users $5 per user/mo.30 days trial Get started

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