Know your team’s pulse

Know your team’s pulse

You can often get a sense of how your team is doing by simply looking at the data. It becomes much easier when all data is in one place.
Alexandra Kosilova, Product manager at Agro.Club
Alexandra Kosilova, Product manager at Agro.Club
Crystal-clear visibility of the work progress brings peace of mind to the team. Developers hear less of “how is it going” from me, which is a good thing 😋

Learn more from your existing tools

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01 Team Calendar

See all team work on a calendar – code commits, task updates, meetings, chat messages, and Smart Daily Standup reports.

Everything in one place, including teammates availability – vacations, sick days, and national holidays.

Team Calendar
02 Analytics

Concise and informative summary reports help you better understand what was accomplished in the long term on both team and individual levels.


Effortless time tracking

01 See how long tasks take

By combining data from your team issue tracker with time off information, Teamplify can automatically calculate how many work days each task was in progress.

See how long tasks take
02 Unobtrusive & fully automated

Unlike traditional time trackers, Teamplify doesn’t require your teammates to install any software or do any manual action for time tracking.

All you need to do is just keep your issue tracker up-to-date. Teamplify can help with that using Smart Daily Standup checks and notifications.

Unobtrusive & fully automated

Data doesn’t tell the whole story. People do

01 Collaborators report

Collaborators' report helps better understand your team dynamics and identify the best peers for regular 360° feedback reviews.

Collaborators report

Full respect
to privacy

Based on teams’ shared data only
Based on teams’ shared data only
We only analyze the data that people shared with the rest of the team – information in the issue tracker, code repositories, shared calendars, and group chats.
GDPR and CCPA compliant
GDPR and CCPA compliant
We’re GDPR and CCPA compliant. We only collect the information you choose to give us, and we process it with your consent. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
Available in the cloud or on-premises
Available in the cloud or on-premises
With Teamplify on-premises, you can host the full-featured version of Teamplify on your servers, so that your data never leaves your network.

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