Avoid surprises – plan with time off in mind

Avoid surprises – plan with time off in mind

With right tools, a distributed team sync becomes a breeze.

Minimize friction in vacation planning

01 Make it easy & fully transparent

With a single click from a team or individual calendar, your teammates can add their vacations, sick days, on-call days, business trips, and more.

Make it easy & fully transparent
02 Integrate with your team chat

Teamplify can post notifications about vacations, sick days, and upcoming national holidays in Slack, Mattermost, or email.

Slack Mattermost
Integrate with your team chat

Flexible time off allowance rules

01 Approvals

For all supported availability statuses, you can configure which of them require approval, and which ones don’t.

02 Allowance limits

Using Policies, organization administrators can define limitations on how many days a status can be used in a given period and how these days can be earned or spent.

Even if policies change over time, your records will always be accurate, thanks to full historical data support.

Allowance limits
Harshit Chitalia, CTO at Tromzo
Harshit Chitalia, CTO at Tromzo
Our team is distributed across seven countries and four time zones. Teamplify helps us stay in sync and plan better with vacations and holidays in mind.

For distributed teams

01 National holidays

In a distributed team, it could be hard to remember when your teammates may be offline due to a national holiday in their country. It won’t be a problem with Teamplify, since we know about national holidays in every country in the world.

National holidays
02 Custom organization holidays

And we have custom organization holidays, too. You can set your own holidays organization-wide or redefine work schedules for employees in specific countries.

Custom organization holidays

Works with Slack, Mattermost, and email

01 Peace of mind on vacation

Friendly Reminder lets people know if their teammates are not available today when they try to ping them in chat channels.

Peace of mind on vacation
02 Manage statuses from Slack

You can set an availability status even without leaving Slack, using the /teamplify command.

Status approval requests are delivered in Slack, too. Approve or decline with a single button click.

Manage statuses from Slack

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Every Teamplify feature is built with Time Off in mind for more accurate reporting and better planning.