About us


Teamplify was born out of ivelum. We at ivelum help startups and established businesses build their software products. We have been fully remote since 2014, and we have always explored how distributed teams can coordinate with less effort. That's why we created Teamplify.

Teamplify is a user-friendly team manager's assistant. It helps teams to stay in sync, handles time off management, and facilitates continuous improvement by learning from team collaboration data.

Our philosophy

We aim at finding the right balance. On the one hand, work transparency is crucial for efficient collaboration. On the other hand, we don't want to distract developers too much with meetings and status reports. Yes, it is true that we can find bottlenecks and improve our workflows by looking at team data. But it is also true that, in software development, focussing on metrics too much is not good.

Today, Teamplify helps many teams worldwide to find their balance. It brings in some data when people need it but stays humble and non-obtrusive.

If you haven't tried it yet – get started today!