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Why public chats are better than direct messages

September 7, 2022 Denis Stebunov
How to get unstuck and make progress
How we communicate makes an enormous impact on our work. One of the best strategies for improving communication in a team is making it open.
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How to get unstuck and make progress

August 4, 2022 Denis Stebunov
How to get unstuck and make progress
Developers spend an enormous amount of time being stuck. I've been a developer and an engineering manager myself for many years, and I think being stuck is the default state. We, developers, spend most of our time being stuck, and just occasionally, we get unstuck and make progress.
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Minimizing gaps of communication

February 21, 2022 Jacqueline Guiter
Gaps of Communication
Communication among humans is always imperfect – something always falls through the cracks. You may hold meetings, write memos, report regularly on your work progress, and something will still get lost – a broken link in the chain of communication, or just a tiny gap.
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Why work transparency matters

November 8, 2021 Denis Stebunov
Transparent or non-transparent
Let's discuss what can be useful when watching how other people work and whether it makes sense to showcase what you're doing.
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Migrating a production database without any downtime

April 29, 2021 Denis Stebunov
How does a deploy process work?
In this episode, we'll cover the basic principles of zero-downtime database migrations and provide quick recipes for the most common scenarios.
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Improving communication in development teams

December 7, 2020 Denis Stebunov
In software development, communicating productively is as important as writing quality code quickly. Maybe even more important — studies show that most problems in software projects are in fact communication problems.
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Why you should be careful with developer metrics

December 6, 2020 Denis Stebunov
If you've ever managed any software project, you've probably asked yourself: how could our teams move faster? How fast are we moving today? For these kinds of questions, it's tempting to turn to metrics.
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