Member status

Teamplify allows employees to mark days with specific statuses. These statuses help your colleagues to find out about changes in your schedule, and the accounting department to correctly calculate your salary or compensation. We will also notify your colleagues with a notification in Slack or by email. You can read more about available notifications on the Notification types page.


  • Vacation - Annual paid leave and individual day absences from work that use vacation days. If your work is not paid during the period of absence - then it should be counted as Unpaid leave.
  • Unpaid leave - A leave of absence, that is not paid by the employer, but maintains the employment status of the employee.
  • Sick - Time off from work that the employee can use to care for themselves or others.
  • Personal leave - Paid leave of absence for any personal reasons. Some possible examples of the reasons for this status are: compensatory time, personal time, floating holiday, a day moved from a weekend, etc. If your absence is not paid - then it should be counted as Unpaid leave.

Special working days

  • Make up day - With this status you can indicate the day when you want to make up for an absence from work (e.g. Personal leave).
  • Remote work - Work outside the office - for example, from home or another office.
  • On-call - You are not in the workplace or office, but are available by phone to respond to emergencies.
  • Business trip - An official business trip, e.g. to a client, to another office, or to a conference.
  • Overtime - For days worked above normal working hours or on a weekend or holiday.
  • Workday - If you are a freelancer or a part-time employee, you can mark the days you work with this status.