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All Teamplify workspaces support sign-in with email. Just enter your email and get an instant sign-in link in your inbox. Easy – no passwords to manage, no passwords to forget and recover.

Approved email domains

You can allow your teammates to join your Teamplify workspace automatically using their work email without having to invite them. After they join, their access role will be Organization Member. To enable this feature, go to your workspace Settings, check the "Self-registration" checkbox, and enter your work email domain:


Self-registration works not just with email but also with all supported Single Sign-On providers. No matter how people sign in, if their email is in the allowed email domains list, Teamplify will let them in.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Many Teamplify Integrations can be used as Single Sign-On providers, meaning that your teammates can use their accounts in these systems to sign in to Teamplify: