Microsoft 365

Connect your Microsoft 365 account to Teamplify to automatically synchronize your scheduled meeting data on Outlook Calendar.


To connect Microsoft 365, please select Microsoft in the Integrations section of your Teamplify workspace. Here's a quick link:

Microsoft Connect Microsoft 365

After adding your integration, please check your team members' profiles and link them with the correct Microsoft accounts. Teamplify needs this link to associate calendar events with the right team member.


After adding the integration, you'll be able to see the meeting activity in the Team Calendar in your Teamplify workspace. The "Collaborators" report in member profiles will also start to include Outlook Calendar events data.


If you need to remove your Microsoft 365 integration, find it in the Integrations tab in your Teamplify workspace and click Disconnect in its properties.

Contact support

If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact our support.