Improved Slack integration

December 10, 2020
Build #3448

The new integration streamlines your Teamplify experience, making it more consistent with how most modern Slack applications work. What's changed:

  1. Previously, all Teamplify features, such as time-off management, tracking issue mentions, and chat activity analysis, were available only in public Slack channels. This update removes this limitation, meaning Teamplify now works in both public and private channels. However, this doesn't include direct messages. As before, Teamplify doesn't have access to those;
  2. Previously, Teamplify was present by default in all public channels of a connected Slack team. With the new integration, you'll first need to add the Teamplify Slack bot to all channels where you want Teamplify features to be available. You can manage this via the Apps menu in your Slack workspace.

If you have configured your Slack integration before Nov 18, 2020, please reconnect it to access the new features. There will be an option to add the Teamplify Slack bot to all public channels automatically. Once the new integration is enabled, you can remove your old one.

And by the way, Teamplify is now officially available in the Slack marketplace! 🎉