Zoom integration

October 23, 2020
Build #3271

We've already covered written communication. This update brings live video communication into the picture too.

For distributed teams, video calls are vital. When done right, they are highly effective communication tools. However, when they're over-used or poorly-planned, they just disrupt work. It's not always easy to know what is or isn't productive, but our integration with Zoom will help you figure it out.

After connecting Zoom, all the meetings a member attends will show up on the team calendar view. Clicking the meetings tab will show you the meetings the team held over the week. For each meeting you can also see who hosted, who attended, and how long each member stayed on the call. The data from Zoom calls gets included in the Collaborators report as well, so you'll have even more insight into the big and small stories behind your team's communication patterns.

Click here to learn more and connect Zoom.