Customizable working hours

January 31, 2024
Build #6672

You can now set your working hours and let your teammates know when you're online. By default, new user profiles have a "flexible" working schedule, i.e., the working hours are not strictly defined. You can change this by going to your user profile and adjusting your working hours there:

Set your working hours

Once set, your working hours will become visible on your Team Calendar and your calendar in your profile:

Working hours on the calendar

Our Slack bot has now your new working hours too, so if your colleagues try to reach you when you're offline, they'll get a friendly reminder:

Working hours friendly reminder
How to set it up:
  • Set working hours for yourself – you can do it in your Teamplify profile;
  • If you're an organization admin and want to set up working hours for your teammates, please navigate to the Members section and select a user profile you'd like to configure.