Team Supervisors

December 15, 2022
Build #5468

We’ve added a new access role - team supervisors. As you may expect, these are people who manage a particular team. What they will be able to do:

  • Add or remove team members;
  • Approve time off and other availability status requests which require approval;
  • Configure Daily Standup and adjust other team settings.

If a team has no supervisors assigned, all time off approval requests will be routed to workspace admins as it was done before.

How to assign supervisors to a team:

  • Option 1: Click on the team name in the main menu, then "Settings", and then look for the “Team Supervisors” block;
  • Option 2: Open the profile of the user you’d like to make a supervisor, then click on the “Membership” tab and look for “Supervised teams” in the “Access” area.