Audit Log

August 31, 2022
Build #5121

It is very frustrating when you notice that some information in the system has been changed and you don't know where that came from. Unfortunately, when many people can make edits, this is often what happens. Now, we have a solution for that: Audit Log makes clear who has changed what and when.

All information edits for workspaces on the Pro or Unlimited plans are logged, including changes in people's profiles, vacations and sick days, team or organization settings, reports, and everything else your teammates can change.

If you're on a paid plan, you don't have to do anything to enable Audit Log – it is already enabled for your workspace by default.

To access the logs, go to the Audit Log tab on the Organization Settings. You can search logs by event date, name, or user. Click on any record to see the details.