Improved GitHub integration

January 19, 2022
Build #4566

At Teamplify, we've just updated how we integrate with GitHub. This new way will improve the reliability and security of your workspace, so we recommend that you upgrade. In short, this update:

  • Enables granular access controls and improves privacy. Previously, we asked for full access to your repositories, including read and write. With the old method of integration, this was the only way we could analyze commit activity. Yet we never wanted write access and we definitely never wanted to modify anything in your repos. With the new integration, we can ask specifically for the access level that we actually need, which does not include write access, of course;
  • Makes synchronization more reliable. We rely on GitHub webhooks to quickly synchronize your repos with your Teamplify workspace. The old integration method installed a webhook for each repository. Sometimes, insufficient access rights could cause a synchronization to fail. The new integration includes simpler webhooks management, which makes synchronization more reliable.

We encourage you to upgrade to the new GitHub integration! It takes only a few mouse clicks. A new integration will automatically replace an old one, and all your data will be saved. To upgrade just re-connect GitHub to Teamplify.