New improved Team Calendar

March 03, 2021
Build #3697

Today we're rolling out our most significant update to the most used feature in the Teamplify interface, the Team Calendar. This update completely redesigns the team calendar, keeping its good parts and improving those parts that needed improvement. What has changed:

  • New "endless scroll" navigation. Instead of clicking the left and right buttons, you can now simply scroll sideways;
  • Mobile friendly. The previous version didn't work well on mobile. The new one does - finally;
  • New "Daily Details" mode. In addition to the "Weekly" mode, you can click on individual days to see daily summaries;
  • Weekly reports are now integrated into the Weekly Details sidebar;
  • Improved experience to set availability - fewer clicks and better visibility;
  • The Collaborators report is now integrated into the Daily and Weekly details views. So you can see who people worked with on a day or week;
  • Performance - the new calendar is faster than the old one.

Last but not least - while working on the new calendar, we completed a lot of internal refactoring, preparing the foundation for more features that are coming soon. Stay tuned!