On-premises deployment

March 16, 2019
Build #1610

Our most requested feature is here! Teamplify's happy to announce that we are now offering an on-premises installation of Teamplify.

Cloud installations make perfect sense for many teams. They are secure, easy to set up, and they don't require any work for maintenance or upgrades. But even in our SaaS era, cloud deployment is still an absolute no-go for some teams. Maybe you work in an industry with tight regulations or advanced security requirements. Or perhaps you need to be able to see exactly where your data is kept. There are plenty of good reasons why a team may need to keep things on-premises. We here at Teamplify are excited to know that we now have an installation for server instances.

Under the hood, both installations work exactly the same. Teamplify on-premises simply allows you to run Teamplify behind your own firewall and with your data kept completely in-house. You'll still be able to organize your work and reports exactly as cloud-based teams have already been doing.