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Connected accounts

A core feature of Teamplify is gathering the work activity from various tools in the development flow – like Jira, Trello, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and Slack – and putting it all in one place. To do this, Teamplify needs to know which team member is associated with which account. After you've added a team member, please check their profile and make sure that their connected accounts have the correct associations. For example:

Connected accounts

Each team member can configure their own connected accounts, and organization admins can do so for any team member within their organization.

Besides linking work activity, connected accounts can also be used for authentication in Teamplify. Furthermore, in the case of Slack, connecting their account lets members perform a variety of actions from directly within the Slack workspace. Below you can find a quick reference with the supported features for each integration.

GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

All of the code hosting integrations can be used for authentication in Teamplify. However, to detect commit activity, you need to specify the commit emails. Commit emails is a separate setting, which you can find on the member profile page. Teamplify will detect whether an email was found in connected organization repositories, and provide a hint in the interface:

Commit emails


Connected Slack accounts are used for detecting chat activity (in public channels only) and for setting a member availability status directly from Slack. Connected Slack accounts can also be used for authentication in Teamplify. Guest Slack accounts have access to nearly all of the features that a full account has; however, the Slack API doesn't allow for guest accounts to be used for authentication.


Connected Jira accounts are used for both collecting Jira task activity and for authentication in Teamplify.


Connected Trello accounts are used for collecting work activity from Trello cards. They can't be used for authentication.